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Microsoft Hotmail has been extremely unstable over the past few days. I think they are changing the look and feel, but shouldn’t they properly test it first? The Hotmail interface either won’t load, or loaded but can’t access the mail box, or can’t access the email giving error “We can’t connect to Windows Live Hotmail right now. Please try again later.“, or worst, cannot download the attachment despite multiple tries. At first I thought it was a problem with Firefox but even when I switched to IE, problem persists!

Worst they do not allow pop3 like gmail. If not all these years i have been using this hotmail account i would have moved to Gmai instead.

Shame on you, Microsoft.

iDA announced on 26 September 2008 the award of the Singapore Next Generation National Broadband Network (NBN) contract. The contract is awarded to OpenNet, which is the alliance formed by Singtel, Axia, SPH and SPT. This award promises the broadband infrstructure islandwide of “up to and beyond” 1Gbps using fibre optic, as early as 2010, and to be completed by 2012. I am not exactly sure if this project upgrade or replace Singapore ONE infrastructure which runs on ATM network, but it provides the fibre optic termination points island wide to enable fast Internet connection at up to 1Gbps.

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Finally, I manage to order the Black N Red limited edition Vaja case, for my iPhone 3G. I had been monitoring the vajachoice site very closely over the last 3 weeks. So the case was make available, I order without hesitation. Too bad I couldn’t order it together with the customizable case for Melvin for he had to order himself.

I think Vaja is discouraging the mass ordering for this case. The shipping cost for 1 case is $21, 2 & 3 cases is $29, and shipping cost for 4 cases jump up to $60. I thought since 2 or 3 cases are the same price, I ordered 3, one for myself, one for Mark who left me a note on my blog previously, and one extra so to check if any of my friend need it. Unfortunately non of them are interested in this premium case!

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This afternoon we  have a friendly game at Rivervale Crescent. Basically we gather 2 pairs of players from Bishan Loft and Rivervale Crescent each, and play one another in a round-robin way.

The game started at 3pm, the sun was not scorching, in fact it was a bit cloudy, but still bright and warm, and most of the time I had to serve into the sun and that was not pleasant. I was partnering Lot, and both of us were wearing the orange colour Adidas YOC T-shirt! The game went on rather well, we won the first game through tie breaker. Second game was a bit of disaster because I lost the second serving game through 3 double fault, and sending a couple of easy forehand long.

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Someone reported on Hardwarezone that her US iTuneStore account was suspended. A check with Apple showed that the Gift Certificate she redeemed was purchased using a stolen credit card. This girl purchased the Gift Certificate from the iTuneshop.net, and iTuneshop.net claimed innocent, saying that the Gift Certificate was not purchased using credit card, and hinting that Apple mess up the whole thing.

However, I believe Apple’s statement carry more weight. They have no reason whatsoever to suspend customer’s account, when credit and money are involved. They will get a unpopular publication if they do that by mistake.

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German government has issued a warning against usage of Google Chrome, fearing the user data is in control of one single vendor:

The Federal Office for Information Security warned internet users of the new browser Chrome. The application by the company Google should not be used for surfing the internet, as a spokesperson for the office told the Berliner Zeitung. It was said to be problematic that Chrome was distributed as an unfinished advance version. Furthermore it was said to be risky that user data is hoarded with a single vendor. With its search engine, email program and the new browser, Google now covers all important areas on the internet.

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I blogged on how to transfer files to your iPhone. Now there is a software call “Air Sharing”, available free from Apple AppStore for a very limited period of time, that allows you to transfer file to your iPhone with ease.

Read more about it on the updated version of my previous blog.

Do have security in mind however. The sharing of file from this application is turned on by default. If you do not want to transfer file, do remember to turn off the sharing.

Murray defeated Rafael Nadal over 4 sets in US Open 2008, setting up a more interesting, at least to me, US Open 2008 Final match up against Roger Federer.

No doubt the show down in Wimbledon 2008 Final between Nadal and Federer was great, still I do not like the brute-force playing of Nadal. I prefer to see more variety, and I think Andy Murray does offer some. At least he tried different shot, that would certainly spice up the game, instead of seeing one human machine running at one end of the court, forcing unforce error from the other end.

This is a must visit site for all iPhone owners: iphonexe.com.

This site lists all applications available for iPhone, both paid and third party. Those who had JB the phone can download application from this site.

For paid apps, it does not bypass Apple AppStore, and it will redirect you to Apple AppStore for the purchase. However, checking out apps from this site seems to be faster than Apple AppStore, and it provide more screenshot for users’ information, rather than standard 2 screenshot from Apple AppStore.Nice!

Application crash is pretty normal on mobile phone. Windows Mobile is the accused-in-chief for this area.

Now it seems that iPhone is also guilty of it. I experienced twice over the two weeks, that, when launching application, be it safari or game or other apps, it tried to run for a brief moment, but flashed back to main before it showed you the actual application screen. I thought it was memory problem, so I rebooted, and it went away.

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I have been with Starhub for many years. I had been a happy user, until lately when I had problem hosting for DOTA, when some of my DOTA gang are able to do host the game. Apparently, their ACL is not unified.

Just now I was checking some Youtube video clips using my iPhone, since I was away from desk. However as the screen was rather small and the quality of Youtube is not fantastic, I decided get back to my desk to look at the video again. Immediately I noticed the big difference between accessing Youtube from Starhub, and accessing Youtube from Singtel Mobile Broadband. On my iPhone, the video continuously stream and there was virtually no intermittent experience. However, the download speed of the Youtube clip was horrible on Starhub network, it keep breaking up.

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I have just downloaded and tried out the Google Chrome today. Though it is still in beta, it really looked like a finished product. Some minor issues here and there might not be enough to stop it from any immediate official launch, unless Google wanted to perfect it.

After using it for half a day, I am writing offering some review here, comparing majority against Mozilla Firefox. This is based on Build 1583.

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It was brought to my attention lately, over some incident, that Starhub is said to be associated with some Cybercrime orgnisation. First it was Russian Business Network (RBN), which host mainly the spam and fraudulent websites, and Starhub was said to host some of those fraudulent site.

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It has been widely published that a security flaw exists in firmware 2.0.2. To demonstrate this, set your iPhone to be locked with passcode, from “Setting->General->Passcode Lock”. This supposedly prevent your phone data from unauthorised access.

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Two years ago, Google fooled us on April Fool day that it would release an open source browser. Google has announced on 1st Sep 2008 that he is releasing one, for real. It is called Google Chrome.

Yet another browser joining the browser war. I look forward to it though – the individual process for each tab sounds good. I frequently encountered the entire browser locked up in Firefox 3 because of one tab, and occasionally had to restart the Firefox (sometime by manually killing the process) and therefore loosing some data in the process. Not as if it really hurt, but if it can be better managed, why not?

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Some of the store in Singapore offers iPhone without contract. Price for 16GB are priced at SGD1390.

Now O2 has announced their Pay and Go Price. The iPhone 3G 8GB for Pay & Go will be available for £349.99 and the 16GB version for £399.99, from 16 Septmeber 2008 onwards. Using the convertion rate  SGD 896 and SGD 1022 respectively. Can you believe it? This is a lot lower than what we are getting in local store! Bare in mind that electronic goods item in UK normally cost much higher, this post the question – why is this happening?

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noticed from the statistic that people tried to look for information of iPhone cases in Sim Lim Square. Most people believe that the Sim Lim Square is where we can find most IT resources. This is generally true, unfortunately when it comes to iPhone accessories, you won’t get much quality selection from Sim Lim Square.

For better choices, head down to Apple Authorised Reseller (iShop, Epic Center etc), Challenger or Macshop in Funan. Personally I find iShop at Paragon Shopping Center has the most choices. I was surprise to find Contour case there. DG Lifestore (Vivocity and Harbourfront) offer Moshi pouch which is not found in these shops. You can also shop for one at Apple online store. Remember to select Singapore, they provide free shipping.

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A few years back, my P900 dropped into the area around Suntec City Fortune of Wealth accidentally. It was painful, especially when it was merely two days old. Now, some genius had come out with ways to waterproof your mobile phones, and literally any solid surface.

In the following video, you can see that the iPhone is dropped into a basket of water, and it is still working fine! Marvelous!

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Everybody loves customised ring tone, but most people want to create his own customer ring tone instead of buying from third party source.

Here’s the steps for doing it:

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